Amazing Grace (Peaceful, Easy Feeling)

Verse 1

DAmazing Ggrace, howD sweet the sGound

that sDaved a wGretch like Asusme A

I oDnce was lGost, but nDow am foGund.

Was bDlind but Gnow I Asussee. A


I’ve got a peGacefuAl easy feDeling

GAnd I know He won’t let me Asusdown A

Cause I’m Dal - Gready AsusstandinAg

ODn solid ground

Verse 2

DT'was grace that Gtaught my hDeart to feaGr,

Dand grace my fGears reAsuslievedA.

DHow precious dGid that Dgrace aGppear,

Dthe hour I fGirst beAsuslievedA.


Verse 3

DThe lord has promised good tGo me, D G

Dhis worth my hGope secures. Asus A

DHe will my shiGeld and portent bDe, G

Das long as lifGe endures. Asus A


Verse 4

DThrough many dangers toils aGnd snares, D G

DI have alreadyG come, Asus A

DT'is grace hath broughGt me safe thus faDr G

Dand grace will lead meG home Asus A


Verse 5

DWhen we’ve been there ten thGousand yearDs G

DBright, shininGg as the sun Asus A

DWe’ve no less days toG sing God’Ds praise G

DThan when we’d first bGegun Asus A