Come To The Table

Claire Cloninger, Martin J. Nystrom


DCome to the Dsusta - Dble of mer A/B- Bm7cy,F#m7

preEm7pared with the wineG/A and the bread; D A/D G/D

DAll who are Dsushun-Dgry and thirst A/B- Bm7y, F#m7

Em7Come and your soulsG/A will be fed. Dsus D


F#m7Come at the D/GLord's invitaA/B - Bm7tion F#m7

re-Em7ceive from His nail-Bm/Dscarred hand; A/C# G/B A

DEat of the Dsusbread Dof sal-vaA/B-Bm7tion,

Em7Drink of the bloodG/A of the LambDsus D


Last time:

Em7Drink of the bloodA of the LambDsus D