It Came Upon A Midnight Clear

Verse 1:

It Gcame Cupon a Gmidnight clear

That Cglorious A7song of Dold

From Gangels Cbending Gnear the earth

To Ctouch their Dharps of Ggold

Peace B7on the earth good Emwill to men

From Dheaven’s all A7gracious Dking

The Gworld in Csolemn Gstillness lay

To Chear the Dangels Gsing

Verse 2:

Still Gthrough the Ccloven Gskies they come

with Cpeaceful A7wings unDfurled,

and Gstill their Cheavenly Gmusic floats

o'er Call the Dweary Gworld;

aB7bove its sad and Emlowly plains,

they Dbend on A7hovering Dwing,

and Gever o’Cer its GBabel sounds

the Cblessed Dangels Gsing.

Verse 3:

And Gye beCneath life's Gcrushing load

Whose Cforms are A7bending Dlow

Who Gtoil aClong the Gclimbing way

With Cpainful Dsteps and Gslow

Look B7now for glad and Emgolden hours

Come Dswiftly A7on the Dwing

O Grest beCside the Gweary road

And Chear the Dangels Gsing