Joy Has Dawned

Stuart Townend and Keith Getty


Em G Bm D Em G Bm A

Verse 1

DJoy has Emdawned up - D/F#on the Aworld

BmPromised Em7from cre -D/A a - tAion

DGod’s sEmal-vation D/F#now un-fAurled

BmHope for Gevery Dna - tion

D/F#Not with fGan - D/F#fares fEm7rom a-Above

BmNot with Em7scenes of D/Aglo - Ary

DBut a Emhumble gD/F#ift of lAove

Bm7Jesus Em7born of AMar - Dy

Em G Bm A

Verse 2

DSounds of Emwonder D/F#fill the Asky

BmWith the Em7songs of D/Aan - gAels

DAs the Emmighty D/F#Prince of ALife

BmShelters Gin a Asta - Dble

D/FHands that Gset D/F#each sEm7tar in Aplace

BmShaped the Em7earth in D/Adark - Aness

DCling now Emto a mD/F#oth - er’s bAreast

Bm7Vulnera - Em7ble and hAelp -lDess

Em G Bm A

Verse 3

DShepherds Embow be-fD/F#ore the ALamb

BmGazing Em7at the D/Aglo - Ary

DGifts of Emmen from D/F#dis - tant lAands

BmProphe-Gsy the sAto - rDy

D/F#Gold a KGingD/F# is Em7born to-dAay

BmIncense Em7God is D/Awith uAs

DMyrrh His dEmeath will D/F#make a wAay

Bm7By His Em7blood He’ll Awin uDs

Em G Bm A

Verse 4

DSon of EmAdam D/F#Son of Aheaven

BmGiven Em7as a rD/Aan - sAom

DRecon-Emciling D/F#God and Aman

BmChrist our Gmighty AChampi-Don

D/F#What a GSav - D/F#ior Em7what a AFriend

BmWhat a gEm7lorious D/Amyst' rAy

DOnce a Embabe in BD/F#eth - le - Ahem

Bm7Now the Em7Lord of hAist' Dry

Em G Bm A D

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