Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus

Helen Lemmel


D/A A F#m A7 D


DTurn your Aeyes upon BmJe sD7us

Look Gfull in His Emwonderful Asusface A

And the Dthings of D/F#earth will grow Bmstrangely Gdim

in the D/Alight of His Aglo F#mry A7and Dgrace

Verse 3

His DWord shall not fail you He G7promisEmed

Be-Dlieve Him, and F#mall will be wDell:

Then go to a wGorld that is BmdyinAg,

His Dperfect sal Ava Bm7tion E7to teAll A7

Verse 1

O sDoul, are you Gweary and G7troublEmed?

No Dlight in the F#mdarkness you Dsee?

There's light for a Glook at the BmSaviAor,

and Dlife more aAbunBm7dant E7and fAreeA7!

Verse 2

Through Ddeath into Glife ever G7last iEmng

He Dpassed, and we F#mfollow Him Dthere;

Over us sin no mGore hath do Bmmin iAon

for Dmore than cAonqBm7uerors E7we aAre!A7